Start screen with main menu


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We will create a basic but working main menu screen for your game or project in just 10 steps.

Background Image

  1. Start by creating a new scene called 'Main Menu'
  2. Add a canvas with a image, this will be your background image

When importing new images make sure to put Texture Type on Sprite (2D and UI)!

  1. Add the image to the image component



  1. Add a UI text field


Start Button

  1. Add an UI Button
  2. Then add the ButtonLevelLoad.cs script onto the text field of the button
    1. Give in the name (string) of the level you want to load; by example "scene1"
  3. Next we will need to add a function to the button component
    1. Drag in the the text field of the button into the empty object
    2. Go to "No Funtion" and search for ButtonLevelLoad and use LoadLevel()