mySQL setup (XAMPP)

Installation guide

Download XAMPP

  1. Google for XAMPP.
  2. Select the “Download” link from the Apache friends website.

  1. Download version 8.0.30.

*XAMPP is available for several operating systems, but for this one course, Windows 10 or 11 is recommended


Install XAMPP

  1. Open the executable.
  2. Depending on the settings of your Windows environment, you will receive the following: warning; accept this.

  1. After the warning the installation wizard will appear, click on next.

  1. Select the components you want to use from XAMPP, for this course these are the Apache and MySQL servers, and the PHP programming language.

  1. Select the folder for installation. Due to restrictions in Windows this must be done in the root folder will be saved. If your OS is on the C:\ drive then select


  1. Select the language, English is recommended here.

  1. Deselect the “learn more Bitnami option”.